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If you are ready to purchase your first or next sewing machine, you have come to the right place. These are hand picked for precision, ease-of-use, and durability. The fair prices add to the appeal of these sewing machines. I offer Necchi sewing machines and sergers, Toyota sewing machines and sergers, Juki quilting machines, Industrial machines, Sewing machine accessories, Needles, Thread, Notions, and Scissors.

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Dr. Willy offers 1-year free service on new machines.



NEW: Necchi NE30

The NE30 has everything you need for great sewing, quilting, and home décor projects.

FEATURES Computerized Sewing Machine | Top Loading Full Rotary Hook | 30 Built – in Stitches | 7 One – Step Buttonholes | Thread tension Control Dial | One – Handed Needle Threader | Needle Up / Down Button | Free Arm | Drop Feed | Start / Stop Button | Speed Control Slider |Locking Stitch Button | Easy Reverse Button | Auto – Declutch Bobbin Winder



Necchi EX30

The EX30 has everything you need for great sewing, quilting, and home décor projects. Choose from 30 built-in stitches, including 3 one-step buttonholes–all accessed through direct stitch selection. The twin banks of wide angle LED lights make it easy to see your work, and the optical magnifier gives you an up-close view.



Necchi QS60

You’ll do more quilting and sewing thanks to the 9″ of bed space, precision stitching, and essential features on the QS60. With a top speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, you get serious sewing power.



Necchi S34

Finishing seams and edges doesn’t get any easier than with the S34 Necchi serger. You can cut, seam, and finish all in one step with professional results every time.



Necchi TM8

This 12 pound model functions like a full sized sewing machine. But unlike “toy” machines, the TM8 has high quality internal components, including a jam-proof drop-in bobbin and horizontal full rotary hook.

Convenient extras include a built-in needle threader, one-hand thread cutter, fail-safe needle insertion, and quick foot conversion. Take it out for quick projects at home, or take it along for sewing on-the-go.



Toyota FSR21

This machine’s simple design makes it a prime candidate for classroom use, beginners, as well as those who are looking for a solid, uncomplicated, utility machine. FSR21 will sew the lighter materials, and goes right on through the various weights to hemming jeans. The FSR21 is about as simple as it gets. It is a front load oscillator machine which uses a class 15 bobbin, the most common and easy to maintain system in the industry. FSR21 is a single dial machine which has twenty one stitch stitch functions controlling twelve different utility stitches and the four step buttonhole. 



Toyota FSG325

The FSG325, features 25 stitches including a one-step buttonhole, needle threader, and applique stitches popular with quilters. This is a heavy duty household machine is designed to fill a variety of needs. It is a ‘three dial’ unit, with a stitch selector knob, a stitch length control, and a zig zag regulator which allows the operator to adjust the width of the various patterns. The accessory tray pulls away to allow tubular sewing using the open arm feature. Whether you are constructing, quilting, mending or crafting, FSG325 is an excellent all around performer.



Toyota STF39

This is a heavy duty 20-stitch machine with a one-step buttonhole and a needle threader. The front load oscillator system uses a class 15 bobbin, the largest available for household machines. Threading diagram is  printed right on the face of the machine. The accessory tray comes off to allow tubular sewing on the open arm. STF39 will readily sew lighter fabrics right on through thick demin jeans. The zig-zag control allows the operator to adjust the width of buttonholes as well as all the other patterns. If you want to go with a winner, look no further!



Toyota SL-1T

SL-1 is a sturdy 2, 3, or four thread overlock.  It comes with four spools of white thread already installed; take it out of the carton, lift the thread guide mast and go!  The four tension knobs are designed to hold the threads securely without slipping out of place. Built in rolled hem, differential feed, stitch length control, color coded threading guide and a presser foot pressure regulator are standard features.  This machine goes home and stays there!